For cross-country pilots.

Take-off and landing 200 m
Best Rate of Climb 1,300 ft /min
Max Cruise speed @ 9 500 ft 151 Kts TAS
Sea level Cruise +- 128 kts CAS
Stall Speed 42 Kts IAS
VNE 165 Kts IAS

Manufacturer Rotax
Model 912 is / uls
Horsepower 100 hp


Wingspan8.44 m
Length 6.24 m
Height 2.05 m
Cabin Width 115 cm
Fuel tanks120 lit

Min Empty310 kg’s
Useful load290 kg’s
MTOW600 kg’s
Take-off and landing 175 m
Best Rate of Climb 2, 000 ft /min
Max Cruise speed @ 9 500 ft 180 Kts TAS
@ 15 500 ft 200 Kts TAS
Sea level Cruise +- 160 kts CAS
Stall Speed 44 Kts IAS
VNE 184 Kts IAS

Manufacturer Rotax
Model 915 is / uls
Horsepower 142 hp
Fuel Injected and Turbo


Wingspan8.44 m
Length 6.24 m
Height 2.05 m
Cabin Width 115 cm
Fuel tanks140 lit


Min Empty360kg’s
Useful load240 kg’s
MTOW600 kg’s


ROTAX 912 / 100HP

Most popular engine

280 km/h

Carburettors or Fuel Injected
Useful load 290kg
Best performance at FL80

ROTAX 915 / 142HP

Most popular engine

370 km/hr

Fuel injected
Climb rate 2000 ft/min
Useful load 240kg
Best performance at FL180


The airframe is completely made of composite material which excels in its specific strength and excellent fatigue properties. The entire aircraft can be broken down into individual units, i. e., both halves of the wing and tail surfaces, including stabilizers, can be separated from the fuselage to ease aircraft transport.

The aerodynamic design of the wing gives the aircraft appropriate fall characteristics. The separation of air flow in the critical angle of slope happens at the root of the wing. This ensures good handling of the machine until it drops and symmetrically stalls. This allows for the aircraft’s smooth and agile handling..

The tail section employs a true and tested traditional design. The internal structure of the stabilizers is similar to the construction of the wings. Therefore the tail section can be completely removed from the hull, with the exception of the keel, which is its integral part.


1  Cockpit

The cabin area features clean lines and a minimalist, contemporary design. The combination of carbon and kevlar fibers, which are extremely tough, provide safety to the crew in case of an emergency landing.

2  Canopy

The acrylic glass canopy allows for spectacular views from the aircraft throughout your journey. Order it in your choice of clear/blue/green or brown.

3  Dashboard

Each dashboard is made to measure for the customer, according to the specifications of their personalized aircraft. The instruments are mounted in a laser-cut plate with surface inscriptions created by serigraphy. A Carbon fibre dash panel is available as an option.

4  Ventilation

The aircraft is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. Warm air is distributed to the leg areas, while cold air is delivered through vents on the dashboard. Strong Aveo cabin ventilation system can be ordered like an option.

5  Seats

Comfortable and modern – select your choice of textile or leather designs, including choice of color. The seats are equipped with four-point safety belts. You can also choose colour of stitches, safety belts, perforated leather or not, colour of embroidery.

6  Baggage compartment

The baggage compartment is equipped with headphones holders. The luggage space allows for two airliner cabin bags.


Get easy access to the luggage compartment with the cargo doors. Travel in style.


The fixed gear version of VL3 is designed for flight schools. Your students will learn faster since the VL3 is really easy to fly having an incredible low stall speed and short landing roll..


You can choose between a fixed or variable pitch propeller. The propeller is adjustable in-flight to enhance your climb and cruise performance. Its adjustability will also shorten your take-off distance.

For best results install the Rotax 915, hydraulic governor and Woocomp KW31 hydraulic propeller.


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